Business exists to grow. The best way of achieving that is by adding value on a long - term sustainable basis. Sustainability is part of Corporate Governance which we integrate into our audit process.

Our services comply with all auditing, accounting and ethical standards, including independence, and are designed to be cost effective by delivering a quality, value for money, audit.

We achieve that by obtaining a clear understanding of your business; by ensuring your and our requirements are understood - particularly deadlines; and through our "no surprises" process based on open communications.

That commences with the establishment of responsibilities - your task is to ensure that systems of procedures and controls are in place which are adequate to facilitate the preparation of the Financial Report, and to prevent and detect fraud should it occur.

Our task is to express an independent opinion on the overall view shown by your Financial Report. We do that by:

  • Evaluating your internal controls that are relevant to the Financial Report to ensure the system is auditable;
  • Testing those systems to determine whether they are working as planned;
  • Carrying out substantive and analytical procedures to be satisfied, within the bounds of materiality, that:
    • Assets are included in the Financial Report at their recoverable values
    • Liabilities have been brought to account;
    • Expenses are genuine costs of the business;
    • Incomes to which the business is entitled have been accounted for;
    • The Financial Statements are properly prepared and presented using appropriate Accounting Policies.

We will agree a detailed budget with you at an early stage; and at the conclusion of the audit normally issue a Board Report setting out the matters that arose during the course of our work that would benefit from your on - going attention.