"Corporate governance is the system by which business corporations are directed and contained. The corporate governance structure specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation such as the board, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders and spells out the rules and procedures for making decisions on corporate affairs. By doing this it also provides the structure through which the company objectives are set and the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance." (OECD).

"Pursuing a mission of sustainable development can make our firms more competitive, more resilient to shocks, nimbler in a fast-changing world, more unified in purpose, more likely to attract and hold customers and the best employees, and more at ease with regulators, banks, insurers and financial markets." (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

Graeme Day has pursued the principles of Sustainable Development for more than 15 years. When it was "before its time" he chaired the Institute of Chartered Accountants Triple Bottom Line Task Force and was a member of the Institute of Company Directors Sustainability Committee.